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The Savant Home Story

The Savant Home owner, April Okerholm, has built her business on integrity,

creativity and value. 


A 7th generation native Texan, April embraces southern hospitality, extreme comfort,

a great love for antiques, ambient lighting and beautiful surroundings.  A natural

artist with a background in decorating, April has been professionally painting murals, 

faux finishes and furniture for over twenty years.  Combine those elements with raising

three little girls as a single mom, add practicality, quite a few moves and "frugality"

to the mix and you've got a special concoction for which April is very passionate



"My possessions are things...they do not own me." 

Your surroundings are comprised of things...special features in your environment which may be handed down from generation to generation, a filler piece for the home you're in now or simply something you picked up that you really liked.  Most of us have furnishings, or even an entire room, that we're just not satisfied with or are ready for change.  Designers, like the elements they suggest furnishing your home with, often come at a hefty price.  In starting The Savant Home, April questioned everyone in her sphere of influence about their homes and current feelings with their home at that moment.  Surprisingly, most people wanted to change no less than ten things in their home.  Some desired anything from a piece of furniture to a new wall color or even starting over from scratch.  Others had purchased a new home and desired a clean slate with a recent, substantial change in their lives. But like many of us, there is the budget and financial limitations.  The "unknowns" are what typically paralyzes us to change.  Through numerous sources, The Savant Home locates quality furnishings based on your desires and criteria for the elements you wish to change, and can even change or modify your current furnishings to bring them to your liking.  Whether a piece needs to be painted or refinished, or completely customized to make it all your own, The Savant Home has you covered...and promises to stay well-within your budget.   


When you're ready to make beautiful changes in your surroundings, give The Savant Home a call...our family looks forward to working with yours!

About April & Her Family


April and her husband, Erik, have five children ranging in age from 12 to 23. They live in Austin, Texas where they enjoy the central Texas climate and are avid cyclists.  The kids are involved in the arts, outdoor activities ranging from paddleboarding and camping to soccer and baseball. April and Erik enjoy estate sales, antiquing, Round Top, traveling, and any time they can put some roadbike miles in. 

Emily, April's oldest daughter, is a proficient artist and is in college pursuing a degree in graphic design.  Currently she is a pet portait artist and works for The Savant Home. April's daughters dedicate their talents musically and in writing and are often helping out with the family business. 

The Savant Home

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