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Let's start with color!  It is a scientific fact that color affects our mood and evokes emotion.  When you're immersed in the color of your home surroundings with family and friends, what is your feel-good color?  Are you an energetic entertainer at home?  Reds and deep, rich colors may inspire you best.  Are you a calm person who likes the quiet?  You may find yourself drawn to pastels and whites.  Whether you're looking to amplify the size of a small area or gathering space, simplify your life or transform yourself, your home's color palette may be overlooked or in need of change.  We offer the following:
     - Color consulting based on your desires for your home and personality
     - Choosing a color palette and subtle theme that you may
       comfortably carry throughout your home with subtle touches
        or on a large scale (accent walls, furniture)
     - Custom painting techniques such as chevrons, bold stripes,
       diamond patterns, swirls, geometric designs, damask, tone on tone color*
       *denotes a Savant Home specialty
Keeping in mind the savant (expert) aspect of a home, the costs of feathering our nests come into play.  The Savant Home owner hasn't browsed a mailed furniture ad or purchased furniture at a retail price in over ten years.  Why? The savings are incredible and there  are too many resources for which to find what you're truly looking for second-hand!   Additionally, everything can be painted or modified in one way or another to still serve a purpose with your changing tastes.  When looking to change furniture, we offer the following:
     - Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ Painting*
     - Minor repairs of current or new-to-you furniture
     - Room and/or Home Makeovers using your existing furniture
     - Locate, purchase and custom paint furniture
     - Help you decide on furniture to be kept/needed that is not
       only a beautiful accent, but functions well (storage, practical use)
       *denotes a Savant Home specialty
The Savant Home owner openly admits she has a lighting fetish (lamps and chandeliers in particular), and her husband is often quoted as saying, "Another lamp?!?!"  Ambient lighting ranks as high as color in changing or modifying your mood at home.  Whether lighting is for function or to set a mood, it should always be beautiful and in many cases, can be it's own focal point. When looking to light up your life, we offer the following:
     - Locate, purchase, and install ambient lighting on any scale, for any purpose
     - Refurbish, paint, or completely makeover existing lighting
     - Modify recessed can lighting to accomodate a ceiling mount light fixture,
       chandelier, pendant light or ceiling fan*
       *denotes a Savant Home specialty
Moving & Transition
Moving and transitions in life are often great stress-producers for many while they're apprehensively anticipating change.  Moving up or down in scale may trigger fears as to what to do with your current furnishings or how to furnish the new home.  Upon preparing to sell your home, your real estate agent may encourage you to simplify your home, relocate certain furniture and de-personalize the home so potential buyers can picture themselves living in the home.  Stress not, we can help!  When you're considering moving, we offer the following:
     - Staging your current furniture make the home feel more open or
       neutralize your current decor (including but not limited to
       painting over murals, extreme colors, etc.)
     - Help you decide what to keep, what to sell and what can be
       transformed for new use
     - Organize closets, kitchens, bedrooms, gamerooms and 
       more with decorative functioning storage and organizational
Interior Decor & So Much More!
As a true testament to helping you achieve your goals with your home, The Savant Home schedules a consultation with you to categorically prioritize the elements you wish to change in your home.  If you're wanting change but can only tackle a room at a time or need to plan out a monthly budget for your interior changes, The Savant Home categorizes the changes you wish to make and gives you accurate bids when possible.  Most clients initially have no idea what they can expect to spend to make changes they're not sure of.  With our savvy and frugal expertise as well as our connections in the decorating world, we supply a range of pricing to change or add elements to your home where the budget is determined by you!  The range of pricing is based wholly on your selections in furniture, fabric, and/or newly acquired furnishings but will at least give you an idea of what the monetary expectations would be to further enjoy your home.   After your consultation, your bid can include everything from painting, furniture (acquisition and/or refinishing), murals and faux finishing to ambient lighting (acquisition & installation) changes. The initial two-hour consultation is $100 and enables you to receive expert design ideas and creative contributions.  This consultation fee is also credited toward your first contracted project over $500. 
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Like most cakes don't taste quite right without frosting, a home isn't truly completely furnished with accents and subtleties that are the icing on the cake of reflecting your true personality.  Think picture frames, floral, sculptures and little mindful fillers of space.  When you need to adorn the home you'll adore, we offer the following:
 - Locate, purchase, furnish and/or modify your home with unique elements which serve as great conversation pieces, adorn your home with pieces no one else has or bring your home forward with current home decor trends.
 - Using fabrics to accent your decor, fabricate window treatments and accents pillows.
- Wall decor, custom paintings and artwork*
*denotes a Savant Home specialty

The Savant Home

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